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Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) 2015

Every year I attend WPPI in Las Vegas. It’s an incredible learning opportunity for me. I get the chance to connect with some of the top photographers in the world and also catch up with great friends.

This year I had the honour of receiving another award in the annual print competition. WPPI is an international organization so it is probably if not one of the most competitive which makes this even more exciting for me. Of course I would not achieved this award without the support and love of certain people in my life. I especially want to thank my wife Alice for her support and my mentor Scott Robert Lim.

I’m truly excited about the opportunities WPPI is bringing to me. Looking forward to the year ahead! I recommend WPPI to all my photographer friends in the industry, it’s an amazing experience.

Written by,
Gurm Sohal
Vancouver Wedding Photographer

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